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Germany: Wild boar shot after wandering through Mainz

Emergency services used a thermal imaging drone to track the sauntering swine. The incident comes after a wild boar sparked panic in Berlin last year when it was mistaken for an escaped lioness.

A wild boar was shot in Mainz on Thursday morning after it was found wandering around the center of the historic Rhine city.

Police said a hunter was brought in to shoot the boar because it was “the only way to eliminate the considerable danger the animal posed to people and road traffic.”

The roaming creature had first been spotted on Wednesday near the Renaissance-era Electoral Palace, the state parliament, and the Hilton hotel, police added.

Boar tracked with thermal imaging drone

Police set up roadblocks to clear the area while the fire brigade used a thermal imaging drone to track the pig from above.

The animal was eventually shot at the Theodor Heuss Bridge in consultation with local hunting authorities and the animal emergency service, police said.

It’s not the first time German authorities have responded to a wild boar wandering through an urban area.

Last year, residents of Berlin were urged to stay indoors following reports of an escaped lioness. After a large search operation, police later said the animal was likely a wild boar.

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