Germany: Cybercrime by foreign actors rose by 28% in 2023

Germany: Cybercrime by foreign actors rose by 28% in 2023
Germany: Cybercrime by foreign actors rose by 28% in 2023

A new report found that cybercrimes by foreign actors increased by 28% as compared to the previous year. In 2022, the increase was 8% on the previous year.

German authorities reported a 28% increase in cyberattacks by foreign perpetrators in 2023, especially from Russia and China, according to new data released on Monday.

“The threat level in the area of cyber security remains high,” said German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser as she presented the national report on cybercrime.

Tackling rise of cyber threats ahead of EU Parliament elections

At a time of heightened anxiety over suspected hackers and spies in the run-up to European Parliament elections in June, German digital industry association Bitkom reported a doubling in the number of cyberattacks from Russia over the last two years.

Cyberattacks from China were up by 50% over the last two years as well, Bitkom CEO Bernhard Rohlender told German public broadcaster ZDF. 

Data showed that 80% of German companies targeted were victims of data theft, espionage or sabotage, Rohlender said.

Rohleder put the economic damage caused by cybercrime at €148 billion ($159 billion) per year.

Attacks perpetrated by criminals or foreign intelligence 

Rohleder said most attacks are perpetrated by organized criminals or foreign intelligence services.

“Some are after money,” he said, while others want to cause damage to critical infrastructure such as energy supply, transport or hospitals.

“And there are still some, especially private individuals, who just want to have fun,” he said.

Germany accuses Russia of carrying out cyberattack

Earlier this month, the German government accused Russia of launching cyberattacks against its defense and aerospace firms as well as targeting members of Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s governing center-left Social Democratic Party (SPD).

The attacks, which Berlin said was carried out by groups linked to Russian military intelligence, “show how big the threat is,” according to Faeser.

“We will not be intimidated by the Russian regime,” she added. “We will continue to do everything to protect our democracy from Russian cyber actions and we will continue to support Ukraine,” she said.

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