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Israel-Hamas war: Ramadan begins as Gaza hunger worsens

Palestinians in the Gaza Strip have begun Ramadan with food shortages across the territory getting steadily worse. A Spanish aid ship carrying 200 metric tons of supplies is set to sail from Cyprus.

Palestinians in the Gaza Strip have begun the holy Muslim month of Ramadan with cease-fire talks stalled and the hunger situation worsening in much of the territory. 

Officials in Saudi Arabia announced that the season of fasting had begun after seeing the appearance of a crescent moon to signify the start of the ninth month of the Islamic calendar.

In his Ramadan message as custodian of Islam’s two holiest sites, Saudi Arabia’s King Salman noted the war in Gaza would cast a shadow over the month of fasting and prayer.

He called for the international community to end the conflict and “ensure the establishment of safe humanitarian and relief corridors.”

There were muted celebrations as prayers were held late on Sunday amid the wreckage and rubble of demolished buildings. 

Families normally break the daily fast with holiday feasts, but food in Gaza is sparse. There is little beyond canned goods, with prices too high for many.

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