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LATAM passengers injured after technical problem on flight

At least 50 people were reportedly injured when a LATAM Airlines flight from Sydney to Auckland experienced turbulence following a “technical event” in air. The flight landed safely in New Zealand according to schedule.

Severe turbulence during a LATAM flight from Sydney to Auckland in New Zealand left at least 50 people treated for injuries, with 12 hospitalized, the airline said Monday.

LATAM Airlines said in a press release that flight LA800, a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, had a “technical event during the flight which caused a strong movement.”

A spokesperson from the St John Ambulance New Zealand said “approximately 50 patients” were treated at Auckland Airport. Most suffered minor injuries. One was in a more serious condition, according to medics.

Passengers on the plane described the flight as having suddenly “dropped,” according to New Zealand’s public broadcaster, RNZ. There was no turbulence prior to that. 

LATAM says ‘deeply regrets’ any inconvenience 

The airline’s statement said that LATAM “deeply regrets any inconvenience and discomfort this situation may have caused.”

“As a result of the incident, seven passengers and three cabin crew members were taken to Middlemore Hospital for medical checks, with no serious injuries reported,” the statement read.

The Boeing 787-9 landed in Auckland as scheduled and had been due to continue to Santiago, Chile. But the airline said the flight to Santiago had been canceled and a new one was scheduled for Tuesday.

Boeing-made planes have been hit with quality concerns following a series of technical incidents with its aircraft in recent months.

In January, most notably, a door panel of a Boeing 737 Max-9 Alaska Airlines blew out midair over Portland, Oregon, forcing the pilots to make an emergency landing. No serious injuries resulted from that incident. 

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