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Ukraine updates: UN notes ‘horrific’ Russian torture of POWs

UN investigators say Moscow is still committing war crimes and serious rights violations in Ukraine. Meanwhile, German, French and Polish leaders are set to meet to reduce tensions due to the war. DW has more.

UN investigators have found fresh evidence of widespread abuses committed by Russia in Ukraine.

The high-level Commission of Inquiry (COI) on the rights situation in Ukraine since the Russian invasion said Moscow was still committing war crimes and serious rights violations, including “systematic” torture and rape.

“The evidence shows that Russian authorities have committed violation of international human rights and international humanitarian law and corresponding war crimes,” COI chief Erik Mose told reporters.

The COI also warned of the continued use of explosive weapons in civilian areas. It noted “a pattern of disregard by Russian armed forces for possible harm to civilians.”

Mose said further investigations are required to determine if some of the identified incidents qualify as crimes against humanity.

The report was compiled after speaking to over 800 people during 16 separate visits to Ukraine, the investigators said.

They noted “widespread and systematic” torture by Russian authorities both in Ukraine and Russia. They also described Moscow’s treatment of Ukrainian prisoners of war as “horrific.”

“It [the report] also details incidents of torture with a sexualized dimension and threats of rape against male prisoners of war,” the UN said. It added that investigators found “additional evidence” for the unlawful transfer of Ukrainian children to areas under Russian control.

Source: Dw

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