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Ukraine updates: US won’t let Kyiv fail, says Pentagon chief

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin underscored Washington’s commitment to supporting Kyiv in a meeting with allies at the Ramstien Air Base in Germany. Meanwhile, Russia has replaced its navy chief.

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin says that Washington will continue helping Ukraine fight off Russia’s invasion.

The “United States will not let Ukraine fail,” Austin said at the opening of a meeting of Kyiv’s allies at the Ramstein Air Base in Germany’s southwestern state of Rhineland-Palatinate.

“We remain determined to provide Ukraine with the resources that it needs to resist the Kremlin’s aggression.”

A bill that would provide $60 billion (€55.3 billion) in aid for Ukraine is stalling in US Congress over Republican opposition.

Austin said that the US was only able to muster a $300 million stopgap package of assistance for Kyiv by saving on recent purchases by the Pentagon.

“We were only able to support this much-needed package by identifying some unanticipated contract savings,” Austin said.

Top US military officer Charles Brown told journalists that Ukrainian forces are “having to pay attention to their supply rates, and how they execute.”

Brown said that there is an “incremental kind of back and forth between Ukraine and Russia” with “incremental gains on both sides.”

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